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Hundepølse standard med Kylling 2 x 400 g
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Hundepølse standard med Kylling 2 x 400 g

Hundepølse standard med Kylling  2 x 400 g

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Artikkelnummer: 2053510800
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Produkt informasjon

The premium meat roll is especially suitable for dogs with a lot of movement and higher energy requirements. The high quality meat is well tolerated and is characterized by high acceptance. The cut-resistant and portionable roll is also ideal for training purposes. The sausages are offered varietal in the varieties of chicken and beef. The pack is available in 2x400g rolls. Heat treated at 95 ° C. Composition: 80% swiss chicken, 20% millet itamins: 10‘000 IU/kg Vitamin A, 600 IU/kg Vitamin D, 125mg/kg Vitamin E Minerals: Calcium: 0.75%, Phosphorus: 0.5% Analytical components: 13.3% crude protein, 6.4% crude fat & Oil, 3.4% raw ash, 0.5% crude fiber, 65.0% moisture · Durchschnittswerte: das Produkt unterliegt natürlichen Schwankungen. Feeding recommendation: small- medium dogs per day: 30g per kg body weight large dogs per day: 20g per kg body weight


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