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Burgess Dual Care 1 kg
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Burgess Dual Care 1 kg

Burgess Dual Care 1 kg

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Artikkelnummer: 20710017
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Burgess Pet Care continues to offer an excellent recovery diet specially formulated for rabbits and guinea pigs. As vets we all know the problems we face getting rabbits and guinea pigs to eat when ill. Gut stasis can be devastating, and any kind of stress trigger can lead to appetite loss. Filled with essential long length digestible and indigestible fibers, this complementary feed for sick and recuperating fibrevores can play a vital part of critical care nutrition. It’s one of those essential feeds you need to keep in your hospital feed cupboards. Why Excel Dualcare Recovery? Specifically designed for both rabbits and guinea-pigs Easy to mix and use as a paste through a syringe Use it at times of stress or recovery from surgery Provides GIT support What does Excel Dualcare Contain? Methionine Tryptophan Protected Vitamin C Long length fibre Pre-biotics


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