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Light Storfeører 100 g malt
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Light Storfeører 100 g malt

Light Storfeører 100 g malt

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Artikkelnummer: 2050220100
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Produkt informasjon

The digestible and low-fat alternative to pig‘s ears. The nibble ear is made from beef and is finer and harder in the structure than the pig‘s ear. The very low content of 2.9% fat makes it an ideal light item. Best suited for animals with a tendency to overweight or obesity. Heat treated at 95 ° C. Composition: 100 % beef ears Analytical components: 84.2% raw proteins, 2.9% raw fat, 4.2% raw ash, 8.7% moisture · Average values: the product is subject to natural fluctuations. Feeding recommendation: At any time between meals as a treat and dental care. Reduce the complete feed accordingly


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