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Premium Snacksmix 500 g malt
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Premium Snacksmix 500 g malt

Premium Snacksmix 500 g malt

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Artikkelnummer: 2050340500
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An exquisite selection of beef, pork and chicken. Chew mix is a natural and valuable source of protein for active and sporty dogs which need more energy. The hard consistency serves to strengthen the dentition, the chewing muscles and the cleaning of the teeth. A gentle drying method ensures that valuable trace elements are retained. Heat treated at 95 ° C. Composition: Beef headskin, stomach, chicken necks, pig ears Analytical components: 74.1% crude protein, 18.1% raw fat, 2.9% raw ash, 4.9% moisture · Average values: the product is subjected to natural fluctuations. Feeding recommendation: At any time between meals as a treat and dental care. Reduce the complete feed accordingly.


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