Hundepølse med Hest for sensitive hunder 2 x 400 g


Hundepølse med Hest for sensitive hunder 2 x 400 g
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The Sensi meat roll is suitable for all dogs, especially for feed allergy sufferers, and overweight dogs as well as for weight management. The Sensi meat roll has been successfully fed for years and is characterized by a very high degree of acceptance. The 800g (2x400g packs) meat rolls are cut-resistant and therefore ideal for portioning. The meat rolls are made in a variety of ways (each in one type of meat). Heat treated at 95 ° C. Composition: 80% Horse meat, 20% potatoes Vitamins: 10‘000 IU/kg Vitamin A, 600 IU/kg Vitamin D, 125mg/kg Vitamin E Minerals: Calcium: 0.75%, Phosphorus: 0.5% Analytical components: 7.6% crude protein, 3.5% crude fat & Oil, 4.2% raw ash, 65.0% moisture · Average values: the product is subjected to natural fluctuations. Feeding recommendation: small- medium dogs per day: 30g per kg body weight large dogs per day: 20g per kg body weight
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