Camipato Malamutes

My name is Catrin,
I am 33 y.o and married to Tommy who is 44 y.o. Together we have two children at the age 12 and 15 y.o. I am working as a Personal Trainer while Tommy is working offshore with surface treatment. All my freetime goes to the children and the dogs.

Both Kaiyuh and Kenai live indoors with us as a full time member of the family. 
We consider ourselves a normal family. We live in Norway, just outside Bergen.

We have lots of nature and mountains around us that we use daily. We do have a schedule when it comes to Kaiyuh and Kenai's training. We do backpacking, riding the kickbike, obedience training, bloodtracking and dogshows.
Many years ago I took education as obedience instructor, and I can certainly notice how this has helped in the upbringing of both Kaiyuh and Kenai.
People often ask me why I have taken puppy classes and obedience training with Kaiyuh and Kenai as I hold the course itself, but I believe that one can never learn too much when it comes to dogs.
I guess I can also say that I'm the biggest proponent when it comes to dogs, Tommy is a little more laid back there. He loves both the dogs but he's just not as crazy about dogs as I am. Or at least he claims :P

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